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Thank you to all that supported this year's 39th Annual Milford Rotary Lobster Bake. From the Rotarians to the Interact Students at Foran and Law to the Family and Friends, relatives and relations (or non-relations) that gave that great gust of energy...we THANK YOU!  We couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks too, to Rob Thomas, this year's Lobster Bake Chairman, who ran this year's Bake...you really did well with all of us -  just like you did with the weather! Thanks too, to Rob's wife Jen who offered amazing and tireless support...and to Bob Bogart, the 'unlimited man of energy' Site Chairman, who was there from start to finish.  Thanks too, to the sponsors and those that bought tickets to help this event become the 'event' that it truly is.  Without the people to celebrate 'The Bake', there wouldn't be a Bake.  Thanks again to all for your support, your hard work, and your sense that the Milford Community is important to us locally and internationally!

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We've talked about a T-Shirt contest but we'd need a good rule book on appropriate behavior with the shirts!

You guys are great for supporting and planning ahead for our event. Kudos to you!

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...and you - what about the 'tail' or is it the 'tale' after the event.  Thanks for your support of our event and for bringing YOUR 'tails' to The Bake. It means a lot that people will furnish a lot of great stuff (publishable and un-publishable) for our website...

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From the preparation a year in advance - to meetings when there is still snow on the ground - to the Wednesday evening with the wrapping party - to the Friday and Saturday setup as well as Saturday Evening & Sunday morning cleanup...we couldn't have done it without you...and those that support our event.  Thanks to all that plan, setup, run, breakdown, and support our event.  Also, special Kudos to the Milford Boat Works for their support...can you beat THE ENVIRONMENT?  Not likely!  Thank you to the Milford Boat Works for your place in the Milford Rotary Community and your great support.  Thanks to all our sponsors that help us as a club provide scholarships as well as other 'invisible' contributions to the community of Milford. We are Milford Rotary, a local as well as International Club in the Global Community.  Hope to see you at one of our 1 hour lunch meetings on Thursdays at Noon at Aldarios Restaurant or back again next year...The Bake...We can't say enough to all that made this year THE BEST BAKE EVER!!!

Lobster Bake July 25, 2015


39th Annual Milford Rotary Lobster Bake

Annual Lobster Bake

The “Best Party in Milford,” a.k.a. the 39th annual Milford Rotary Lobster Bake, is set for 3:30 –7:30 p.m., Saturday, July 25, at Milford Boat Works, 1 High St., Milford, rain or shine.  Milford Rotarians and their volunteer helpers will serve each guest either two 1 ½-pound lobsters or a juicy steak and corn on the cob, cole slaw and all the trimmings including wine, beer and soda.  Proof of age required.  

Commemorative mugs will be available - which also qualify you for the Speed Line.

LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE! Only $10 - order below!

Milford Rotarians and volunteer helpers will serve guests either two 1 ½ pound lobsters or a juicy NY strip steak plus corn on the cob, cole slaw, and all the trimmings including beer, wine, and soda.  Kids will be offered a hot dog and corn on the cob meal. 

Tickets at $45 each and will be available prior to the event on the Milford Rotary website, at Milford Bank on Broad Street, Milford Photo or from any Milford Rotarian.  Tickets for children are also available for $5, which includes a hot dog and an ear of corn.  No tickets will be sold at the door. Proceeds benefit Milford Rotary charitable endeavors.

Save $5 per ticket for purchases prior to July 18, 2015!

For more information or to volunteer, contact Chairman Rob Thomas at Rob.Thomas @ outlook.com

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41st Annual Milford Rotary Lobster Bake


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