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Mailing Address:
Rotary Club Of Milford
PO Box 381
Milford, CT 06460
Fax: 203-877-0313



Milford Rotary Officers

President Tina DeNapoles
President-Elect Rob Thomas
Vice President Win Smith Jr.
Secretary Bob Bogert
Treasurer Paul Mangels
Assistant Treasurer Jeff Wilson
Sergeant-at-Arms Johanna von Hollinger
Assistant Sergeant–at-Arms Sara Cornwal
Past President: Eric Tashlein

Board of Directors

Second Year

Martine Nolletti
Lise Robinson
Mark Sandillo
Tad Smith

First Year 

Sam Bergami
Darcy Lapp-Rabinovitz
Bill Parry
Greg Schmitt

Club Communication & Internet Officers: Paul Mangels, Lynne McNamee

 For Information and Suggestions regarding this website: 

Lynne McNamee

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41st Annual Milford Rotary Lobster Bake


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